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12:00 am


Various Artists

11:00 a.m.

Calvary Chapel Miami Sunday Service | LIVE

Calvary Chapel Miami

2:00 pm

The Emmaus Exposition

Travis Carey

3:00 pm

The Word For Today

Chuck Smith

3:30 pm

A Daily Walk

John Randall


According To The Scriptures

Damian Kyle

4:30 pm


Ken Graves

5:00 pm

Bridging The Gap

Lloyd Pulley

5:30 pm

Voice Of The Martyrs

Voice Of The Martyrs Ministries

6:00 pm

Faith And Finance

Rob West

6:30 pm

License To Parent

Trace Embry

7:00 pm

Friends and Family Interviews

8:00 pm

Glad News For Muslims

Samy Tanagho

8:30 pm

The Storyteller

Without Reservation

9:00 pm

Servant Quarters

Gayle Erwin

9:30 p.m.

Science Scripture and Salvation


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