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Futility and Fear • Psalm 78:33

In this Psalm, the psalmist sternly commands God's people to teach their children the importance and priority of placing their hope in God.

He reminds us that the children of Israel spent years in the wilderness doubting God's faithfulness and complaining about His provision, until all their years were wasted in futility and fear. This is a sobering reminder for all of us. If we neglect to acknowledge God's faithfulness – if we take for granted what great lengths He is willing to go to save us because of His deep, deep love for us – all those proposals of divine grace will be wasted on us.

If we do this, our lives will be spent in futility and fear, even if we live under the shadow of God's divine direction, power, and deliverance.

So here's the encouragement: let's allow our life experience with God to speak into our present challenges. May God's faithfulness give us strength, peace, and direction in today's needs.

Chris Rodriguez

Assistant Pastor

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