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You are important and special to God • Luke 12:6-7

"Five sparrows are sold for two pennies. And not one of them has gone unnoticed in the sight of God. Indeed, God knows exactly how many hairs are on your head and each hairs are all numbered. Do not be afraid; you are more valuable than many sparrows." Luke 12:6-7

Wow! God knows in detail how many hairs are on our heads and that really makes me feel very special. God truly cares about you and me; Jesus knows everything that’s going on in our lives. We are truly precious, most important, and very valuable in God’s sight. God created our inmost being; He has knit every tiny cell together in our mother's womb. We are to give thanks to Jesus with all honor and praise because we have been so amazingly and miraculously made. "God’s works are wonderful, and my soul knows this very well" (Psalm 139:13-14). Jesus desires to have an intimate relationship with us.

George Lee

Assistant Pastor

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