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Ask A Cop is live and unscripted. Each episode gives other officers and the community a window into a police officer's world and provides authentic community engagement with law enforcement professionals. Despite preconceived notions, these men and women, who serve and protect, are approachable and eager to answer questions. We have witnessed the immeasurable rewards of simply sitting down and having these positive conversations. Produced in partnership with Gods Way Radio. 

Welcome to the Calvary Chapel Miami Podcast. Here, you’ll find the latest teachings from our Sunday and Wednesday Bible studies, as well as teachings from special events, conferences, and other ministries. We pray that you would allow the truth of the Word to shape your life and lead you to a closer relationship with Jesus. Visit for information on how you can gather with us in person.  Produced in partnership with Gods Way Radio. 


Friends And Family, from God's Way Radio, where meaningful conversations take center stage. Explore a wealth of interviews, both new and archival, featuring a diverse array of guests. From pastors and missionaries to business owners and married couples, our discussions offer insights that resonate deeply. Tune in and engage with the heart of our community.

The goal of The Course Young Adults Podcast is to create disciples of Jesus Christ, foster a love for His Word, and encourage spiritual maturity. We pray these conversations and Bible studies help you grow closer to Jesus! Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with The Course! Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated -- message us with your comments. If you're a young adult who's out of high school and under 33, and you're in the Miami area, you're welcome to join us on Mondays at 7:30pm! Visit for more information. Produced in partnership with Gods Way Radio.

This is Threads of Grace, brought to you by Woven - the ladies ministry of Calvary Chapel Miami. We invite you to listen in as different women share their heartfelt stories. Throughout these conversations, we’ll see God’s faithfulness connecting us to each other and to Himself. We hope you are encouraged to search out God’s word and to connect with other believers, as Christ continues to weave together your life’s story. Visit for more information. Produced in partnership with God's Way Radio. 

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